Hosting. You may have heard of it, but what does it mean?

What Is Hosting

A website consists of a number of files that are linked together. For larger websites, the number of files can be quite vast. What is hosting? Well, these files are stored on a web server, a computer built specifically for the task of serving up website files to website visitors. Web hosting is the service that makes your website accessible on the Internet by providing space on a web server, and the bandwidth to transfer the files from the server to your PC..

There is a great deal of variability among web hosting services. The one you should choose is based on your needs and your knowledge of web hosting.

In addition to different server configurations, different hosting services will require more or less knowledge on your part. Full service web hosting will take care of things like maintenance, security and file transfer, while a lower cost option requires you to do these things yourself. GlowHost offers both top tier hosting with great support and competitively priced packages for your requirements no matter what your needs may be.

Domain With Hosting

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control in the Internet. In Layman’s terms, domain is the physical address of a website. It is the name that is typed into the address bar, when you want to visit a particular website. A domain is very important when it comes to building a website, because it is the first thing people will see related to your website. GlowHost offers a free domain with hosting when you subscribe to one of several web hosting packages which include this special promotional offer.

Host A Site

The days are gone when websites were hosted just by big companies and governments. Today, every person can have his own website for his own purpose, as long as it is legal of course. Some people host websites for posting “just for fun” content to their blogs, and some run real businesses through websites. Whatever your goals, GlowHost will allow you to easily host a site.

To host a site, you need to register a domain name, design and develop your website, and finally host it on a web server. The design of your site should be welcoming and user-friendly. You should use the latest technologies to develop your design and turn it into web pages. You should choose a web hosting company like GlowHost who can guarantee quality service throughout your contract period.

Your web hosting service provider may put forward several web hosting packages, and you need to be wise enough to select the right package. To do so, you need to know exactly how much space your website would require, what bandwidth is needed and so on. You also need to check if the control panel provided by your web hosting company is user-friendly. Once your website is up and running, its time to make it popular. You can opt for different SEO techniques and try to increase traffic to your site.

FREE Domain Name RegistrationFREE Domain Name Registration

GlowHost registers your favorite .com, .net, or .org for free. Just order web hosting and the domain is on the house. The domain is owned by you, and you can migrate it away at any time.

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Softaculous Web App Auto-InstallerSoftaculous Web App Auto-Installer

Run all of the most popular web apps on your website in a few clicks. Choose WordPress, Drupal and more, complete with a staging site. You’ll be up and running in just a few minutes with our easy app auto-installer.

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cPanel Control <br />PanelcPanel Control

Be a hero with our easy to use web site control panel. Create email addresses, manage DNS, check webmail, administrate databases, complete with a file manager and more good stuff.

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Business Class Email ServicesBusiness Class Email Services

Professional IMAP email & webmail, anti-virus & anti-spam, end-to-end encryption with SPF and DKIM support. Advanced Managed DMARC & BIMI options available.

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