Service Level Agreement


This document sets forth the base Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) between, LLC. (“The Company”) and the users of the Company’s services and products (“The Customer”). This SLA has been created to govern the usage and reasonable expectation of The Company’s services. The Company supports customized SLA agreements for our Enterprise customers e.g. support for your end-users, dedicated account manager from our team, or a private and dedicated support team for your company alone, and similar. Please contact us with any questions or modification requests/riders that you may require.

Money Back Guarantee

The Company offers The Customer a 91 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. If The Customer is not completely satisfied with The Company’s service, they are entitled to full refund on hosting services. A refund is not applicable for Cloud and Dedicated servers. Refund is for hosting fees only, all Third Party Products (including Domain names, SSL certificates or software licenses, and others) purchased through The Company are not eligible for refund as we do not own those products and we do not receive refunds on them. We supply 3rd party products as a service to our customers so they can enjoy lower pricing of these products and the convenience of dealing with a single vendor and single invoice for multiple purchases.


The Company guarantees that the network will be available 100% of the time during the billing cycle (excluding scheduled maintenance).

Except in respect of services or events beyond our control, The Company’s network and physical server hardware will be online and available 99.95% of the time or better, based on a 12 month running average. The Customer must monitor their services and if The Customer identifies an outage they are required to open a ticket with The Company’s support to document any potential outage. The Company will begin investigation of the ticket, and will send a response to The Customer within an average 20 minute time frame. An Outage is an activity, error or issue within our control that intentionally or unintentionally brings down affected hardware.

The following reasons are exceptions and are not considered an Outage:

  • Actions of The Customer
  • Actions of other individuals authorized by The Customer to have access to their services with The Company
  • The failure of Third Party Services
  • Application, software, or operating system failure
  • Network maintenance, or other scheduled maintenance
  • Denial of Service attacks, or malicious activity such as hacking

Shared Account Provisioning

The Company shall provision shared accounts instantly, upon receipt of payment. E-mail notification with The Customer’s login credentials and account information will be sent instantly upon payment being received. It is recommended that The Customer add * to their e-mail whitelist to ensure delivery of e-mail notifications including new account credentials.

Response Times to Support Tickets

The Company shall provide a first response to a support ticket with an average response time of 20 minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Additional ticket updates are also targeted at 20 minutes, however in certain circumstances, is not humanly possible if the issue is highly technical in nature or requires additional research upon request of The Customer. Behaviors of The Customer during support ticket communication, such as delays in Customer response, cannot be used as leverage against The Company for missed SLA goals.
e.g. The Customer reports an outage, The Company then sends The Customer instructions for how to resolve the issue, The Customer fails to act upon the instructions, and fails to reply to The Company for five days, then The Customer requests a service credit. This would not fall under acceptable SLA credit rules.

Dedicated Server Provisioning

The Company shall provision dedicated servers (This may include, but not limited to: hardware assembly, hardware configuration, software installation, software configuration, security configuration, and security analysis and patching) within 24 hours after payment is received for a new order.
In many cases this time will be only a few hours, and in rare circumstances, provisioning can take longer especially for highly customized hardware profiles. Please contact us for setup time estimates if this is a concern for you.

Downtime Credit

A Service Level Agreement failure period begins once The Company has received a detailed report of an event from The Customer and ends when the affected service has returned to normal operating status. The Client must provide the report via helpdesk ticket and must request the credit during the event. An applicable credit will be negotiated once the service has returned to normal operating status. Any credits provided by The Company will not hold cash value. Credits will be calculated as a credit to the recurring fee for The Customer’s affected service.


The Company shall be the sole and final arbiter to any interpretation of the following terms. The Company retains the right to modify this SLA at any time, without notification, and any such modification shall be automatically effective to all customers when adopted by the Company, and published here.

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