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FFmpeg Hosting


FFmpeg allows you to run your own video sharing website, just like YouTube! Upload video in almost any format and it can be converted on the server side to .mp4 or other popular formats. Easily share video, music, and pictures that have been optimized for the best possible viewing experience over the Internet.

FFmpeg not available on unlimited hosting plans. All other plans have FFmpeg included.

SHOUTcast Hosting


Create your very own Internet Radio station using our SHOUTcast server which includes a complete website, domain and hosting bundle. Your SHOUTcast hosting account comes with all of the tools you will need to build your website, PLUS your very own SHOUTcast Admin Pro control panel and cPanel.

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Podcast Hosting


Podcast with ease using Podcast Generator. This free app allows you to upload media files (audio/video) to a fully customizable web site. It will then  automatically create a podcast w3c-compliant feed including iTunes specific tags. 

Available on all hosting plans from GlowHost.

FFmpeg Web Hosting Support

GlowHost offers FFmpeg hosting support for your video sharing applications. What is FFmpeg? Lets imagine you have a site that allows users to upload their multimedia content. Once the audio or video file is on the server, FFmpeg kicks in and converts the files so they can be played back in any browser, just like how YouTube works. You can code your own scripts to use FFmpeg, or use any of the most popular pre-built FFmpeg apps.

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SHOUTcast Web Hosting Support

GlowHost offers SHOUTcast server hosting for your streaming audio needs. What is SHOUTcast? SHOUTcast software allows users to set up their own Internet radio stations that can be listened to in any media player. You can stream live broadcasts or use our Auto-DJ to playback your custom MP3 playlists.  You can interrupt the Auto-DJ and go live at any time. Just configure the DSP plugin for Winamp, connect your mic, and let your voice be heard around the world. GlowHost offers high quality SHOUTcast hosting for an unlimited number of listeners (at no additional charge) and you can stream at a full 128 kbps. View Plans…

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Podcast Web Hosting Support

GlowHost offers high-speed and reliable Podcast hosting support including a pre-built app called Podcast Generator which can be found in your GlowHost control panel. What is Podcasting? Podcasting is the distribution of audio or video content via RSS, Atom feeds, or similar technologies. Your site visitors enable their favorite Podcatcher or email reader to access your web feed, check for updates and download any new files in your series of episodes. Your web hosting account at GlowHost offers Podcast web hosting through usage of the various scripts, blogs and web apps built specifically to serve your podcast content. These systems are free on every hosting account at GlowHost.

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FREE Domain Name RegistrationFREE Domain Name Registration

Right now with selected plans, GlowHost is giving away, absolutely free, the domain name of your choice.

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Softaculous Web App Auto-InstallerSoftaculous Web App Auto-Installer

Our most robust pre-installed web app package. Install most popular open source apps on your site with a single mouse-click.

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cPanel Control <br />PanelcPanel Control

GlowHost offers the most comprehensive, yet easy to use control panel packed with quality features.

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Business Class Email ServicesBusiness Class Email Services

Professional secure IMAP email, anti-virus and spam control including end-to-end PGP encryption support and email archiving options.

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