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Over 100% Wind Powered Hosting.

Green as in inexperienced? Nope! We've been at it for over 15 years. Now, if we are talking about a "Green Web Host" in the environmental sense of the word, then GlowHost is proud to be considered as a Green Web Host, and here's why...

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Join GlowHost and help save the planet.

  • Every Site Helps – A portion of the proceeds of every hosting account hosted at GlowHost is used to purchase clean wind power energy. When you join GlowHost, you automatically become part of our green power coalition which seeks to increase usage and awareness of wind and other clean energy solutions.

How do we reduce our carbon footprint and deliver Green Web Hosting?

  • GlowHost is a U.S. EPA Green Power Partner – GlowHost is a recognized EPA Green Power Partner. While others claim to be green, very few web hosting services providers are certified in this EPA program. We purchase certified green RECs which offset more than 100% of our corporate office energy usage.  As of 2017 we are working solely with the Prairie Breeze Wind Energy Farm who provides GlowHost with renewable resources which exceed 100% of the amount of energy of which we consume at our corporate headquarters.  GlowHost eliminates our own energy footprint and the energy footprint of others at the same time with this special certification.
  • Electronic Invoicing and Receipts – GlowHost was one of the pioneers of electronic invoicing and receipts. While it may sound somewhat regular today, when our company first started up back in 2002, paper payments and receipts were still a big thing.  Even today giants like Amazon provide paper receipts in their shipments.  Because of our commitment to provide paperless billing, we’ve saved thousands of pounds of fuel, CO2 and paper products from polluting the environment, and we’re very proud of that.
  • Automatic Power Reduction in Off-Peak Hours – Non-critical GlowHost workstations power off or go into hibernation modes when not in use. Simple things like this can make a difference when compounded in large scale. This is in addition to already using energy the most efficient hardware available within our network of datacenters which are designed to be environmentally friendly. We’re happy to contribute our part whenever possible.
  • Trained in Green Alternatives – GlowHost’s staff are trained to suggest electronic forms of communication like email or PDF as an alternative to paper communications like fax or postal mail when dealing with our vendors, partners and customers. This helps us to save trees because we do not use the paper, stamps, and envelopes associated with traditional paper communications.  This also eliminates our reliance on the wasteful manufacturing processes that go along with the creation of these products.

How you can help our Green Web Hosting Initiative?

1. Sign Up For Hosting
By simply subscribing to GlowHost web hosting services you will be automatically supporting our Green Web Hosting Initiative and should feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that you’ve made the right choice by purchasing green hosting. Being a client of GlowHost you will be directly contributing to our commitment to the environment. A portion of your hosting service payment will automatically support all current and future Green Projects presented by

2. Display A Badge On Your Site
Many of our customers choose to raise awareness to our cause by displaying a Green Hosting Certified banner on their web site. By doing so, you will remind your visitors that you have made a conscious decision to help support the environment by purchasing environmentally responsible web hosting services for your site.  Your site visitors will appreciate your decision and by doing so, you can help to spread awareness that such alternative services like GlowHost exist. Your effort will not only contribute to helping the environment, but will contribute to ensuring that like-minded businesses have a green alternative for their web hosting needs. We appreciate your contribution immensely!

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