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Free domain names available only with purchase of a qualified hosting plan. The good news is, qualified plans start under $5.00 per month and only one month of service is needed to qualify! Don’t need hosting? No problem! Register your domain for just $15.95 per year.
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Why are you giving away free domain names?
Simple. We believe that if you choose GlowHost as your web hosting provider, you will be so happy with the features and service we provide, that you will have no reason to switch to another provider for your hosting and domain name needs. As our way of saying thanks, we actually purchase and renew your domain name, free, for the life of the web site.

Sounds great! How do I claim my free Domain Name?

 All you need to do is sign up for any qualified web hosting plan that offers a free domain name. Currently, we offer free domain names on all Shared Hosting, Elastic Sites and Semi-Dedicated hosting packages when you pay for one month of service or more. Web Hosting Resellers also receive a free domain name with any package when they sign up for one month or more. Once you have placed your order, we will register the domain name for you automatically.

So what other hidden fees or contracts are there?

 None! Simply sign up for hosting service and the domain is yours, 100% free. And, should you elect to sign up for a three month or longer service agreement, you will also enjoy deep discounts compared to our normal monthly pricing options. There is no obligation for you to stay hosted with GlowHost, and if you decide that you want to take your domain and switch to another provider, you can do so at any time. Of course, we hope that you will enjoy your stay and will continue to use our services for the lifetime of your web site. We pride ourselves on being one of the best and most affordable hosting providers in the industry, and we hope that you will not see any reason to change hosts now or in the future.

I already own my domain, can you offer me some other incentive?

 No problem. If you own your own Domain we suggest you transfer your domain to our partner, A domain name registration transfer ensures your domain will renew at some of the lowest prices available on the web for domain name registration and renewal. And here is the kicker…the domain transfer includes a free one year extension on your existing domain renewal. In other words, all the time remaining on your existing registration is transferred to InstaPro. This means if you still have 2 years left on your domain name registration, when you transfer the domain registration to InstaPro, you will get those 2 years, plus an additional year which is included in the low domain name transfer fee. You do not need to be a current GlowHost customer to take part in the domain transfer offer, so you can get started on consolidating all of your domains to InstaPro with their bulk transfer service. Sound good? There is more! GlowHost will credit your hosting account the full price of the domain transfer to when you host with us and request the credit within 30 days of the domain transfer (limit 1 per hosting account).

Is the free domain name registered in my name or yours?

 The domain is yours- plain and simple. The domain name that we register free for you is absolutely, completely and totally registered in your name. We have nothing to do with your new domain name, except of course making sure you get it for free and that it works with the hosting of your choice. Please be careful with the free domain name offers that you see floating around the web. Many times these “free domain names” become registered in the hosting company’s name, then those hosting companies will make you purchase it for an inflated price, enforce a lengthy contract to change the registration to your name, and that is if you can even get the domain name back from them at all. GlowHost does not believe in such unscrupulous tactics to try to retain our customer’s business. We believe that if we deliver a quality service at a fair price, our customers will continue hosting with us for many years to come. We’ve been doing this since 2002 and we still have customers from back then. Join us!

Are there fees to transfer my domain to another domain service provider?

If you’d like to transfer your domain registration service provider to another company, they will typically charge you a fee to transfer the domain to their service. GlowHost does not charge any fees to release your domain when you have spent the cost of the domain or more with our company. If you have not spent $15.95 or more with GlowHost, a $15.95 fee is required to obtain the transfer code for the free domain.

What domain extensions (TLDs) are available for the free domain name offer?

 Currently, the .com, .net, and .org TLDs are available as part of our free domain name offer.
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