SSL Certificates FAQ

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How much does it cost to have SSL (https) on my site?

Assuming that your hosting package does not include SSL by default, then the price of the SSL certificate itself is a variable cost which depends on the type of SSL that you purchase. If you wish for our administration team to install the certificate for you, there is an installation fee of $24.99. Dedicated IPs are no longer required thanks to SNI, however ordering a dedicated IP for your SSL certificate will increase it’s compatibility across more devices.

To view the types of SSL Certificates that GlowHost offers, prices, and features, please see our SSL pricing page.

How much are dedicated IPs?

While no longer required for an SSL certificate, ordering a dedicated IP will make your SSL certificate compatible with more devices. Dedicated IPs are available by request and cost $24.00 per year.

Do you charge an installation fee?

There is no required fee for SSL installation. You have the option of installing your SSL certificates on your own, FREE of charge using the appropriate option in your control panel. You may also purchase SSL installation services from GlowHost if you would like us to do the work for you.

If you prefer we handle the installation, we are happy to do this for you. Professional SSL certificate installation service costs $24.99 for each SSL certificate that is generated or re-generated. Wildcard and Cluster SSLs have a $10 installation fee for each domain after the first. Again, this is an optional service and you are not required to order this service in order to use your SSL certificate.

Each time an SSL certificate expires, it needs to be re-validated, re-generated and re-delivered to the website owner or administrator. Because of this, the SSL certificate also requires re-installation. This means if you purchase an SSL certificate for 1 year at a time, the installation fee will also be a yearly fee should you opt for our professional SSL installation service, which you can cancel at any time.

What brands of SSL does GlowHost offer?

Please visit our SSL Products page to see all of our current SSL and trust mark products and pricing.

SSL products and pricing

Do I need an SSL certificate for each site?

Yes. In case you have several domains, you will need an SSL certificate for each domain you have that you want to secure. In the case of securing multiple subdomains on one TLD domain name such as and, you can purchase a Wildcard SSL certificate which will cover all subdomains under one primary domain.

Does an SSL certificate work on the whole server?

That depends on what you want to secure. There is a shared SSL certificate that can be used to access your website such as https://(hostname)/~(username) . This same shared SSL certificate can be used to access your cPanel, Mail and FTP account securely.

If you have a dedicated or VDS server, you can purchase an SSL certificate for your server’s hostname that will take the place of the shared SSL certificate.

Otherwise, for securing the actual domain name such as, a specific SSL will need to be ordered and issued for each domain you want to secure.

Can I use an SSL Certificate that I purchased elsewhere?

Absolutely. If you prefer an SSL certificate other than the SSL certificates that we offer for sale on our site, you may install or have us install the SSL of your choice.


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