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What is the difference between unlimited, personal, and professional shared hosting?

 The most obvious difference between unlimited shared hosting and our traditional hosting plans, such as personal or professional hosting, is available disk space and transfer limits. However, it is important to understand that unlimited hosting does have other limitations that our traditional hosting packages don’t have. Please see our Unlimited Hosting FAQ for more detailed information on what you can truly expect from unlimited shared hosting.   View our Shared Hosting Packages     Ask a Question About Shared Hosting

I see a shared hosting plan that comes with unlimited domains. Can I resell my space?

 Some of our web hosting plans offer unlimited domain name hosting. The plans that offer unlimited domain name hosting are not geared for those who want to resell their hosting services. Though not prohibited, reselling on these web hosting plans is not ideal as each domain will share a single cPanel control panel. These packages are suited for an individual owner who maintains several sites of their own. If you plan on reselling, please see our full-featured, private label Reseller Web Hosting plans, Cloud Servers or Dedicated Servers that allow you to offer private control panels that display your company’s brand name and graphics to your customers.

Shared packages that offer unlimited domains offer what is known in the cPanel world as “addon domains.” Addon domains share one file system, so the main account has subfolders in which the other web site files are located. The domains are then parked on these sub folders and work like any other web site. The downside of addon domains is that there is only one control panel for all sites and if you want to convert addon domains to their own cPanel control panel accounts later, it can be a time consuming manual process. Another downside of addon domains is that if there is a problem with one of the sites, it can in theory affect the other sites. A site suspension is a good example of this. When you have unique cPanel accounts the other sites are better protected.

However, addon domains work fine for many hundreds of thousands of web sites across the Internet, so please weigh the positives and the negatives and choose an option that is suitable for your specific needs and budget.   View our Shared Hosting Packages     Ask a Question About Shared Hosting

Why do plans that have disk space and transfer limits cost more than unlimited plans?

 The reason the traditional plans cost more than unlimited plans is because unlimited hosting plans have certain content restrictions which might not be in line with your site goals. Unlimited servers also have more accounts per server than our personal or professional packages, and there is less backup frequency associated with unlimited packages. These are just a few of the differences between traditional shared hosting and unlimited web hosting. Please see our Unlimited Hosting FAQ for more detailed information.   View our Shared Hosting Packages     Ask a Question About Shared Hosting

When you say 'Unlimited Domains' on a shared hosting package, does each site get its own control panel?

 All accounts that use shared hosting which support unlimited domains will share the same control panel. If you plan on reselling, please see our full featured, private label Reseller Hosting plans, Cloud Server or Dedicated Server hosting plans that allow you to offer private control panels to your customers. These packages also offer the ability to display your company’s brand name, graphics, and custom links to your products and services to your end-users.   View our Shared Hosting Packages     Ask a Question About Shared Hosting

Can I install an SSL certificate in order to use https pages on any shared hosting plan?

 Yes, all of our hosting plans support SSL certificates. Please note that SSL requires a dedicated IP address for each SSL, and these run $24 per year if your plan does not include one for free. There may be an installation fee depending on your hosting package. If you wish to have an SSL secured web site, you will always need a dedicated IP, an SSL certificate and installation services. Installation services cost $39 per certificate if your plan does not include it. Some of our shared hosting products include everything you need for free, while others offer the SSL as “a la carte” items. SSL cannot be installed on addon domains. Please see our shared hosting packages and SSL Certificate FAQ for more information.   View our Shared Hosting Packages     Ask a Question About Shared Hosting

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

 Yes! We offer a full 91 day money back guarantee on all hosting services, with the exception of our dedicated servers. All dedicated servers require a minimum 1 month contract and no refunds are offered on dedicated servers. If you do not love our services we will refund you 100% of your money.

Please note, the guarantee is for hosting services only. If you purchase 3rd party products through GlowHost such as domain name registrations SSL certificates, software licenses, or similar products, these items are non-refundable. However, you are free to take them with you should you decide to host elsewhere, so long as your account is in good standing.   View our Shared Hosting Packages     Ask a Question About Shared Hosting


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