Managed PCI Compliant Dedicated Server Hosting’s PCI Scan Compliant Managed Dedicated Server Solution includes proactive response to server issues which include performance tuning, service reconfiguration, IP filtering, uptime monitoring, security hardening, managed firewall, hardware replacement and reboots should the need arise. Our PCI Scan Compliant* managed servers are guaranteed to pass your PCI scans that are required by most merchant account vendors. Ask us about our PCI Compliant Dedicated Servers for Enterprise if you require more than a passing scan result or are looking for a full blown PCI Compliant Hosting Solution.

What we do for you:PCI-DSS

As part of our managed PCI scan service, GlowHost offers unlimited free support during your PCI vulnerability scan(s) and will assist in tuning your server until it passes the automated vulnerability tests. Your scans will be performed by the scanning vendor of your choice, and GlowHost will patch up any vulnerabilities found by your desired PCI scanning service.


GlowHost also offers assistance if you have questions completing your PCI Self-evaluation. Your PCI compliant server is guaranteed to pass all current PCI scan vulnerabilities at the server level, our SSAE 16 Type II-Compliant (formerly SAS70 Type II) datacenter assures that you are secured at the facility level, where your physical machine is located.

Once you have passed your scans, a PCI Compliance Report for the PCI Scan requirement will be issued to you by your scanning vendor, which should be accepted by all credit card companies and all banks worldwide.

WAIT! You mean I have to do something? I just want to be PCI Compliant.

No one wants additional work. Lucky you! After your automated scans, if any future vulnerabilities are found, (which you can guarantee they will be) simply notify GlowHost and we will patch them for you. From this point, you can make any needed adjustments to your internal policies and procedures to ensure your organization is compliant with PCI guidelines. Then, after the scan and patching are complete, simply download the latest report on PCI scanning compliance and supply it to your merchant vendor if they require it from you.

You are responsible to modify your self assessment to comply with PCI security standards. Your company’s needs for PCI may vary, so please make sure that your business meets these guidelines for your day-to-day operations since GlowHost does not have any control over your company’s internal policies and procedures for handling of cardholder data.

PCI Compliance Scan Results Are 100% Guaranteed To Pass.

This program is guaranteed to provide you with a passing grade on your PCI compliance scan, and provides you with the tools that are required for your self evaluation, PCI Scan, and many reports that are required for all merchants level 2, 3 and 4.

list9_33x34 What does this service cost?

Our fully managed dedicated server PCI assistance program costs only $49 per month, in addition to our base Managed dedicated server pricing.

list9_33x34 How many servers do I need?

Ask 10 different QSA’s and you will get 10 different answers Our recommendation is at least at least two servers. Some QSA will state that your database is OK to run on your application server, so long as access is removed from the DMZ. We believe our single server solutions meet this requirement, however if you are looking to be on the safe side, we recommend at least two standalone servers or at least two cloud servers so that you can completely isolate the database server from direct Internet access.

list9_33x34 Why do I need a Dedicated Server?

PCI still remains a gray area in many regards. Recent standards state that all merchants must comply, regardless of how many dollars they process per month. It is important to know that that PCI standards allude to the fact that dedicated servers or virtual machines are required to accept payment via credit card due to the nature of access controls and the inability to effectively manage users in a shared hosting environment. PCI states that a machine that holds, transmits, or stores sensitive data must be owned by a single entity, and that entity must only grant access to sensitive cardholder data on a “need to know” basis. This is an impossibility in shared hosting, and this is why we only offer PCI Compliance on dedicated servers and cloud servers. If you see a host offering PCI compliance on a low-cost shared hosting plan, we strongly suggest reviewing the current PCI standards before making your purchase, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact your favorite PCI QSA.

list9_33x34 So tell me again what I get?

Our industry-leading Managed PCI scanning assistance service comes with unlimited support, and our unconditional guarantee states that you will not only pass the preliminary PCI compliance scan, but will pass all required subsequent PCI scans as long as you host with GlowHost. PCI changes daily, and PCI requires that your server is always up to date. GlowHost will make sure your scans are in a passing status. If your PCI screening finds a fault in your machine, we will service it free, for the life of your account. We also ensure that you will pass your quarterly self-evaluation. so long as you host with, and purchase the PCI scanning assistance service.

More about PCI Compliant features

In addition to our standard managed dedicated server features,
your PCI compliance service from GlowHost includes the following features:

  • PCI Scan Compliance We do all the technical work for you. If you do not pass the scan, we will make sure you do. We charge $49/mo for the management service who will help install any patches or make any configuration changes required to pass the scan.
  • On-Demand PCI UpdatesYou can run unlimited on-demand manual scans to retest your system whenever you see fit. If you find a problem, just ask us to fix it.
  • Free SSL Certificate High Assurance SSL certificate from COMODO for your server to run secure control panel, email, FTP and other services required by PCI.
  • Free SSL Installation Service High quality SSL installation services performed by our skilled technical support staff.
  • Free Technical Support Unlimited technical support from our system administration team.
  • Free Self-Assessment Assistance Assistance helping you prepare your security self-assessment questionnaire as well as assistance in creating and implementing your required security policy.
  • PCI Compliance Report Issuing of a PCI Compliance Report for the PCI Scan requirement accepted by all credit card companies and all banks worldwide.
  • 100% Guaranteed If we don’t supply you with all of the services and information you require to successfully complete the PCI scan program we will refund all fees PCI Compliance service fees.

*You are responsible to notify GlowHost if a vulnerability is found on your server. Upon your notification, GlowHost will patch or update your server to meet PCI compliance. GlowHost will also assist merchants level 2-4 if it is deemed that full-blown PCI Validation is required from a certified PCI QSA. Additional fees will be involved if you seek PCI Validation from a QSA.

Merchant is responsible for assessing their own internal policies, employee procedures, security patches, application controls, and analysis of their own PCI compliance, these are factors that GlowHost cannot directly control due to our level of involvement with your business policies. In other words, we do not work in your offices, so you will need to make sure that your physical location is secure. We will handle take care of the servers for you.

Professional PCI Compliant server clusters

Need an enterprise PCI server solution that does more than simply pass the scan? We offer dedicated PCI server clusters using physical machines and virtual machines that utilize database separation, complete with web app firewall, perimeter firewall, two-factor authentication, remote logging and more features required by PCI security standards. Please contact our sales department for more information. Contact Sales

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