Dedicated Servers with Unlimited Transfer

Sometimes referred to “Unlimited Bandwidth” or “Unmetered Bandwidth,” GlowHost offers Dedicated Ports with various port speed options on all of our dedicated servers. Dedicated ports offer better overall protection than a shared port can offer, and shared port setups are how many hosts typically set up their unlimited offerings to make their offers sound more attractive than they really are. While all servers from GlowHost already come with massive amounts of bandwidth and data transfer, and already include a dedicated port and private VLAN, you may elect to choose an unmetered port speed option if you have a transfer hungry web site.

With our unlimited transfer options, you no longer need to worry about exceeding your bandwidth and paying hefty overages fees, “bad neighbors” on a shared port who are hogging all of the available transfer, or getting warnings (or worse) by your hosting provider for over-use. With unlimited transfer dedicated server hosting options from GlowHost, simply choose a port speed that accommodates your needs and never watch your bandwidth meter again! Choose from the following port speeds:

Bandwidth Price
100 Mbps Dedicated Port
1000 Mbps / 1 Gbps Dedicated Port

What is port speed?

Think of an everyday garden hose, Now think of a big fire hose. The fire hose is going to push much more water, much faster than the garden hose will. This is the same concept that can be applied when thinking about port speed (the size of the hose) and data transfer (the water). Faster ports are going to allow more simultaneous traffic through than a slower port speed. If a slower port speed fills capacity, connections will be dropped, so some users may not reach your site if you have filled you port to the maximum amount of data that it can be pushed though it. In all cases, the transfer is not metered from a billing standpoint, but from a data throughput standpoint, the routers will restrict throughput to the selected port speed.

It is important to understand that 99% of our dedicated servers never exceed 10 Mbps or 2000 Gigs per month, so in most cases you probably do not need to worry about an unlimited upgrade.

What is port speed on regular metered dedicated servers?

If you do not need unmetered transfer, or do not fully understand how it works, then we suggest choosing a server with a metered port. They have at least 1 Gbps uplinks which we carefully monitor. They offer the fastest possible port speed, and 99% of our dedicated server customers never come close to their transfer allotments in a given month.

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