SpamExperts Spam Prevention from GlowHost


SpamExperts Spam Prevention from GlowHost

GlowHost now has the option of adding SpamExperts to your hosting solution. Having SpamExperts means that your email will be sanitized and over 99% of recognized incoming spam will be quarantined. There is even the benefit of added security! SpamExperts anti-virus protection helps prevent viruses from entering your systems as well.

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How SpamExperts works

The SpamExperts email anti-spam and anti-virus product works by directing your email traffic through SpamExperts’ servers. Simply select the domain(s) you want to protect. We’ll set up the necessary changes so that all of your inbound emails go through the SpamExperts email filtering system first, before it even reaches your inbox. Their servers are dedicated 24/7 to analyzing incoming traffic, identifying annoying spam, dangerous viruses and malware, and phishing emails. Advanced algorithms are used to identify harmful content contained in unsolicited emails and are always kept up to date. SpamExperts works to service you with the latest techniques in spam detection.

Always up to date

Unlike the average spam filter that filters emails based on a pre-defined set of rules, the spam filters at SpamExperts constantly learn and adapt to ever-changing spamming techniques. Your incoming e-mail is analyzed thoroughly by SpamExperts’ system first. This method catches any harmful or negative content, preventing it before it would make it to your email account. This allows the emails to constantly be learned from as they change.

Why you should consider SpamExperts

  • Tailored to your needs – Review the quarantine, train good and bad emails, and access Black/Whitelisting tools.
  • Proven Success – SpamExperts intercepts 99.98% or more of all spam e-mails. The percentage of false positives is less than 0.0001%.
  • Eliminate wasted resources – Less time dealing with spam and more time dedicated toward productive work. Reduce the amount of wasted disk space and processing with fewer irrelevant incoming emails.
  • Easily Implemented – Emails are simply redirected to the SpamExperts servers before being sent to your email server.
  • Adapting – Save time on configuring and re-configuring settings. SpamExperts is an ever-learning system that is constantly updated and optimized for the best results.
Order SpamExperts Now - Take back your inbox!


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