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Ruby on Rails Hosting

GlowHost offers Ruby on Rails support for your Ruby applications. Need a Gem installed? No problem! Just ask our fast, friendly support or install it yourself using your control panel’s Ruby Gem installer. Ruby on Rails support is included on every hosting package from GlowHost.

About Ruby on Rails Hosting

Ruby on Rails is fast becoming one of the most popular open-source scripting frameworks available today. It installs easily on Windows and Linux machines and can help you realize rapid application deployment. Web hosting from GlowHost includes the ability to host your Ruby on Rails apps. RoR is pre-installed so you only need to upload your app and start your application using the Ruby control options in our control panel, or if you prefer a shell, you can manage your Ruby app from there too.

Ruby On Rails FAQ

Q. Can I develop my Ruby application on your servers?
A. Yes, but we still ask you to develop your applications locally before uploading them to the server, when possible. It is not mandatory to develop them locally, but as with any app, when you develop locally, then upload your completed app, this helps provide a more stable hosting environment for our shared customers who already have web sites in production mode. If you have a dedicated server or Cloud server, then there is no real concern for those who wish do develop strictly on the server side only.

Q. I am not sure if I have shell access or not.
A. Dedicated servers and Cloud Servers include root shell access. All other plans include jailshell access for your user account which is enough to effectively manage your Ruby apps. However, you can start and stop the apps and perform other functions like installing Ruby Gems using our handy control panel. Please contact support to have your shell activated if it is not already.

Q. Can I get a shell account on a shared hosting or reseller plan?
A. Sure you can! Just contact support if it is not already enabled and we will be happy to enable your shell.

Q. How can I install Ruby on Rails on my local computer?
A. There are several ways to install RoR on your local system. We have had success in the past using the Instant Rails package from RubyForge, however there are several alternatives available. Instant Rails is a “one-stop shopping” package that includes Ruby, Rails, Apache, and MySQL and makes installation of these packages on your local machine easy using a standard Windows installer.

Customer Testimonials

I have been with GlowHost since 2008. Their customer service is rocks. I started with a shared server, and now have three dedicated servers. I am a programmer in my mid 30’s with above average computer and hosting experience. GlowHost consistently destroyed the competition on their technical skills, so I got rid of all of my other hosting accounts and moved everything here. Thank you GH and I give you an A+ recommendation for your great service.
Posted By: Ben Walker, Los Angeles California

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