FFmpeg Web Hosting

GlowHost offers FFmpeg web hosting support for your video sharing applications. FFmpeg’s popularity stems from its accessibility. Users don’t have to know much about multimedia formats, they simply upload whatever video file they have captured from their mobile device or other camera, and FFmpeg automatically converts it to a file format which will play in any modern web browser (most commonly .mp4 or .flv). icon-media-1 

If you have seen video on YouTube, you have seen the end result of FFmpeg in action. Your app will allow your users to upload video to your web site in all of the most popular video formats, and will convert them on the server-side into something anyone can watch, even full High Definition video.

FFmpeg & Associated Modules Include:

  • FFmpeg and FFmpeg-PHP
  • GD Library 2+
  • MPlayer and MEncoder


  • FLVTool2
  • Libogg and Libvorbis
  • LAME MP3 Encoder
  • x264 / H.264
  • MPEG-4 AVC

What scripts can I use with FFmpeg?

Any script you like! Several of the most popular are listed below and most any YouTube clone will also work just fine. If you would like to know if your YouTube clone or other video sharing script will work on our servers, Contact GlowHost.

Most Popular FFmpeg Video Sharing Scripts and YouTube Clone scripts:


Many of the most popular scripts like WordPress and Joomla have video extensions that require FFmpeg. Now is your chance to get in on the video revolution that is taking the Internet by storm!

What FFmpeg hosting plan do I need to order?

Every hosting package with the exception of our Unlimited Shared Hosting plans that GlowHost offers supports FFmpeg streaming. If you already have a large video sharing website, or are planning on having a large site, we suggest a Semi-dedicated server, Cloud VDS, Enterprise Cloud, or Dedicated server. However you are certainly free to start with one of our smaller shared hosting packages and then upgrade later if you are not sure where to start.

How does FFmpeg work?

Once you have chosen your desired video sharing application or script and have it installed, you are ready to go. You and your site visitors can upload the video to your site. Once on the server, FFmpeg will convert the video to a video file which is similar to the type of file that you see when streaming videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, and Hulu. It will then embed the video in your web pages automatically and your users can share the video through social networking or they can easily embed your video on their own web sites.

Should I buy a larger package now or later?

The answer to this question really depends on your needs. On one side, if you start small, you pay less and can always upgrade later. But on the other side, do you want to be involved in the upgrade process on a heavily trafficked website? The benefit of purchasing a higher grade hosting package from the beginning is that it makes upgrading a much easier process and allows you to eliminate any unforeseen downtime or technical issues with your application during the transfer process. The transfer process can be lengthy when you are talking about video sites due to the nature of the large file sizes associated with video files, especially if you elect to perform the transfer by yourself over an FTP connection. If you elect to have us move your site, depending on how much data is involved, there may be transfer fees. Both of these scenarios can be eliminated by choosing an appropriate hosting package from the beginning.

We suggest buying the highest grade that your budget allows, keeping in mind your anticipated growth from the very beginning. The will help reduce the headaches associated with site migration when the site becomes a large and active community. Cloud servers completely eliminate any upgrade headaches due to their elastic nature. Cloud servers from GlowHost are able to add more resources dynamically without downtime. However, semi-dedicated servers and dedicated servers are also excellent choices due to their expansive disk space and transfer allowances. And of course, if you are not concerned about the transfer process, start as small as you want and you can expand as you see fit. The smallest packages available that support FFmpeg are our Personal and Professional shared hosting packages. As a reminder, Unlimited shared hosting packages do not support FFmpeg.


Need an FFmpeg script installed? No problem!

We will install any script above for FREE with any hosting purchase from GlowHost.

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