Cloud Virtual Hosting from GlowHost

Our Cloud Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) hosting packages offer many features not available on a traditional Virtual Private Server (VPS). GlowHost’s Cloud VDS servers are completely managed, fully redundant VPS alternatives. They come pre-configured and optimized for cPanel control panel, just choose the cPanel license you prefer. Cloud VDS hosting is perfect for small to medium sized businesses who demand the ultimate in high-performance, speed, stability, managed technical support, and isolation from other sites. These features are not available on traditional VPS or shared hosting plans, which suffer from a single point of failure among many other shortcomings.

Your data is replicated across at least four hard drives which not only protects your data, it speeds up loading times. Your virtual machine is also replicated across no less than four redundant physical servers at any given time. Fully customizable hardware specs are available should the need arise and you can add or remove disk space, RAM and CPU without downtime. Simple monthly billing terms and no complicated usage or hidden fees like those associated with hourly cloud billing.

Free cPanel server management services are included with every Cloud Virtual Dedicated Server, when you signup today and choose cPanel at checkout.

cPanel and WHM available on all

Cloud VDS Lite
$ 49.95 /mo
Cloud VDS Medium
$ 99.95 /mo
Cloud VDS Heavy
$ 149.95 /mo

The number of CPU cores allotted to this VDS for processing power.

CPU Cores
Dual Core Intel Xeon Quad Core Intel Xeon Hex Core Intel Xeon

The speed of burstable CPU available during times that you need a quick increase in speed.

Burstable CPU
4.8 GHz 9.6 GHz 14.4 GHz

cPanel is available with all of our Cloud Servers. You may select the number of allowed accounts during checkout.

cPanel Accounts Included
Select at Checkout Select at Checkout Select at Checkout

The amount of disk space available to store your website's files. Your data will exist on at least four different drives for ultimate redundancy.

Disk Space
20 Gigs 4x Redundant Storage 40 Gigs 4x Redundant Storage 60 Gigs 4x Redundant Storage

One choice of bandwidth available for the transfer of data between your server and visitors.

Transfer Option A
Unlimited Data @ 10 Mbps Unlimited Data @ 10 Mbps Unlimited Data @ 10 Mbps

The other bandwidth choice available for the transfer of data between your server and visitors.

Transfer Option B
500 Gigs @ 100 Mbps 1TB @ 100 Mbps 1.5TB @ 100 Mbps

The amount of RAM allotted to your VDS.

Dedicated RAM
1 GB 2 GB 4 GB

The number of IP addresses included.

IP Addresses
2 Included
(extra IPs $2.00/mo)
2 Included
(extra IPs $2.00/mo)
2 Included
(extra IPs $2.00/mo)

Private nameservers allow you to create your own nameservers such as ns1.yourdomain.com.

Private DNS Nameservers

Root access is provided for complete control via SSH.

Root if you want it

Our awesome cloud technology has multiple failover locations for uptime assurity.

Hot Failover

The operating system installed on the VDS, which is fully managed by the GlowHost team. Feel free to tweak it how you like!

Managed Operating System
CentOS Linux CentOS Linux CentOS Linux

The GlowHost team also manages your firewall for you.

Managed Firewall
Included Included Included

cPanel/WHM is available on all VDS packages. Select during checkout.

cPanel and WHM
Available Available Available

Softaculous allows for one-click install of the most cutting edge web site apps absolutely free.

Free Free Free

Kernelcare ensures your system is patched and up to date for complete security.

Free Free Free

1500+ professionally designed, editable templates which include 23,000 HD photos and graphic resources which come in perfect dimensions for social media, display ads, blogs and emails. This is a $9/mo value presented to you by GlowHost and DigitalOcto.

1500+ Design Templates
$9.00/mo FREE! $9.00/mo FREE! $9.00/mo FREE!

Cloud Virtual Dedicated Server Add-Ons

1 Gigabyte dedicated RAM: $29/mo 1 Additional IP Address: $2/mo
10 Gigabytes high performance 4x+ redundant disk space: $9/mo 1 Additional Unique Class C IP Address: $5/mo
1TB Transfer @ 100 Mbps: $29/mo 1TB Transfer @ 1 Gbps: $49/mo