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Technical Support Contacts

If you need to discuss your issue with a human, submitting a ticket to our help desk is the most accurate and efficient way to get answers from our Senior Technical Analysts and Systems Administrators if your question is not covered in the online documentation.

Ticket Support Hours - 24/7/365

Need a Technical Analysis Fast? Submit a Ticket ->

We have a 20 minute or less target response time on support tickets, so have no fear that your question will take days or weeks for a generic answer like you may have experienced with other online companies. We pride ourselves on careful attention to detail, and rapid response times.

New Accounts

If you are new to GlowHost and are having trouble getting up and running, we have a page just for you! Visit support for new accounts to see if we can resolve your issue.

Telephone Technical Support Information

Our phone support agents are USA based and are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, including holidays.

Telephone support can create a ticket for you or can help you with general problems like how to login to GlowHost, how to pay your bill, validate your new account, and other general issues like bill payments, lost passwords, change of email address, or usage of the GlowHost web site.

If you are seeking telephone support for anything related to your own web site:

You are free to call our telephone support line whenever you like, but please note our telephone support agents have limited access to your accounts and are trained to offer general support as described above.

In most cases, if you have a technical problem with your own web site, our telephone support agents are going to escalate the issue to our Technical Analysts. When this happens, a support ticket is created and is entered into our technical support ticket queue. When your ticket is created, you will receive an immediate ticket confirmation in your email.

Shortly after you receive the ticket confirmation, our Technical Analysts will read, review and investigate your issue. Next, they will send you a secondary update via email. The secondary update generally takes about 20 minutes to receive. The secondary response may be a complete fix, or a request for more information from you so that we can complete your request.

Save Time!
If you feel that your request may be something other than general support as described above, and is a specific issue related to your individual web site or account, in many cases it would be beneficial for you to create the ticket on your own, so that you are in the ticketing queue faster since collecting this information over the phone naturally takes longer than typing it into a web page. In other words, by the time you dial our number and dictate your domain name and technical issue, you could have probably filled out your ticket in it's entirety and already received a reply from our Technical Analysts at the helpdesk.

Common Phone Support Problems:
Keep in mind phonetic spelling of domain names and email addresses over the phone can be confusing, mistaken, or in some cases, just frustrating to get it right which does slow your ticket creation time. This is especially true if your first language is not English and you have a heavy accent, or if you use certain VOIP services which may break in and out when we are trying to collect data from you. Remember that the web is a text based environment, and typing domain names, email addresses and similar details into a ticket online is often times a much more efficient and almost always a much more accurate approach because it limits the possibility of typos from names and addresses taken on the phone.

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VIP Phone Support

If you require VIP telephone support, this option provides you with direct phone access to our high level Technical Analysts instead of Level 1 support, and your ticket receives priority escalation. This option costs $65.00 and covers a single support incident, which includes as many calls as needed to resolve the issue, for up to one hour of service. Additional hours will be billed at the normal rate of $65.00 per hour. VIP support can be used for, but is not limited to problems related to functions of your web site, usage of your PC and it's programs/applications, usage of software on your web site, consultation or other educational training. Our Technical Analysts can take command and control of your PC from a remote location and can show you how to perform certain functions if you are having trouble solving a problem on your own. To purchase this option, please call our toll free number above or create a ticket and request an appointment.

You may also upgrade to a monthly VIP telephone support package. Please inquire at our helpdesk for a quote based on your usage requirements. We can arrange plans from a single telephone incident per month, to unlimited 24/7/365 VIP phone support access. We offer VIP telephone support in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Other Support Options

Users may request special training sessions via AIM, MSN Messenger, Skype or Remote Desktop if your operating system supports it. These services are available by appointment. Dedicated training support services like a private IM session or Remote Desktop assistance require a price quote. Please contact us at our helpdesk outlining your individual needs so that we can provide a quote.

Other Contacts

For a full listing of contacts such as our physical address, mailing addresses or points of contact for Sales, Billing, Copyright or DMCA contacts, please Contact Us

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