Welcome To GlowHost!

First of all, thank you for ordering from GlowHost and we hope that your experience with us will be a great one. However, if you are reading this page, it is likely that something went wrong!

The most common problems we see for new accounts are missing instruction letters, or new sites that have been suspended shortly after ordering service.

If you are missing your login details or your site has been suspended, please see the appropriate option below, and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.


Where Are My Login Details?

If you have not yet received your login details, and it has been more than a few minutes since you placed your order, please complete the following steps:

1. Make sure to check your spam folder or junkmail folder.
Many mail service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, or MSN automatically move your “welcome letter” which contains things like your username and password into these folders. This is because the welcome letter contains words like “password” and “username” that you will use to connect to our servers. Emails containing the word “username” and “password” are commonly used in scam/spam email, and your email service provider’s filters may automatically redirect your legitimate mail to their junk folders.

While you may have received your sales receipts and other emails from us just fine, your welcome email (instruction letter) might be hiding out in your junk mail folder. Please make sure to double check your junkmail folder for emails with the same timestamp as your sales receipt. They should arrive within the same few seconds of each other in most cases, unless you have ordered a custom Cloud or Dedicated server.

2. Make sure to add glowhost.com to your trusted senders list.
Often times there is a “white list” or “not junk” button (or similar) from email service providers like the ones listed above. This will assist in ensuring all email information sent to you from GlowHost.com will be received. If they require individual email addresses be added to the list, please add the following email addresses to the list:

If they allow you to whitelist mail senders, please add at least on the following formats as your email service provider’s allow list/whitelist/trusted senders list:

3. After following steps 1 and 2 above, and you still cannot find your login information:
Please open a support ticket at our support helpdesk in the “Login Problems” department, and a GlowHost support representative will assist you to gain your login access. They may resend your welcome email to another address, or post it online for your private viewing. In the mean time, we suggest that you contact your email provider and ask them why messages from glowhost.com are not making it to your inbox.


Why Is My New Web Site Suspended?

Unfortunately Internet fraud is very common. In some cases your account may be red flagged after initial activation, which forces our systems to suspend your account until we can collect additional information from you. If your services have been suspended shortly after your very first order with GlowHost, or after creating a completely new account under a different name, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

If your services have been suspended, it may mean that either the telephone number on file was not valid, that we could not reach you via phone to collect other information to complete your profile, or perhaps the credit card used was flagged by your banking institution who requested us to perform additional verification checks. There are other automated checks performed in the background using third party fraud prevention tools which may also trigger a suspension for new accounts only. These suspensions affect about 2% of our new order volume. After your initial verification, you will not be asked to perform any future verifications on subsequent orders for services. 

If we do have to call you to verify:
Typically, when we call and receive a voicemail recording, we will leave a message for you to call our toll-free number to verify your account. However, if your voicemail does not clearly identify your first and / or last name as the same name that was left with the hosting order, or it is an anonymous or default voicemail recording, we will not leave a message.

This situation is easily correctable by calling our toll-free number at +1 888-293-4678 and telling the representative who answers the phone that you need to verify your account. Once this process is completed your hosting services will be re-activated.

This is a one-time verification process:
Subsequent orders for services that you place under your verified account will not be subject to the verifications process, and all future services ordered under this account will be set up automatically and instantly. However, if you plan on ordering hosting for another entity and wish to create a separate customer account registered to a different email address or different point of contact, you may have to go through the verification process again for the separate account.

You can bypass this verification by contacting our helpdesk from your previously verified existing account and creating a ticket informing them that you have opened a new account under a point of contact and would like to bypass the verification process for a new account. If you wish to plan ahead, you may inform us before placing the new account order.

Our system allows you to have multiple billing contacts in each account. If you order services for a friend, family, or client, you can use your existing verified account, and simply assign their payment information to the new services which you manage for them, which will also prevent any additional verifications since the primary account was already verified. 

To verify your account now, call: 1-888-293-4678

list9_33x34Why all The Fuss?

The simple answer is GlowHost is a premium brand of hosting, and we prefer to keep our network clean from spammers, scammers and other bad guys. When these parasites gain access to a network they can cause all sorts of problems for our existing customers like slow servers, crashed servers, email servers that are blacklisted from sending email, and many other “not fun” things. When you host with GlowHost you are part of an exclusive community who will enjoy excellent server performance and support because we can spend more time making things work better, stronger, and faster instead of spending time chasing the bad guys off of our networks once they have gained access.

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