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Cloud Virtual Dedicated Server Special Offer

Lets face it. Traditional VPS is Dead. GlowHost's Hybrid Cloud VDS is the future of VPS hosting.
Our legacy Virtual Private Servers have been converted to Hybrid Virtual Dedicated Servers complete with "hot spare" failover support, hosted in the GlowHost Cloud!

Our Cloud Virtual Dedicated Servers take traditional VPS to a new level. Our new hybrid technology converts a typical VPS into a HA (High Availability), cloud based, virtual machine server cluster. All data is stored on multiple fault tolerant redundant SAN enclosures set up in an internal RAID and network RAID configuration which can sustain multiple simultaneous hard drive failures or even an entire SAN enclosure failure.

A typical VPS from other providers generally runs on a single machine and cannot compare to the killer architecture we have deployed on the GlowHost Cloud. The computing power comes from an array of enterprise grade servers that have a minimum of 32 gigs of RAM per each physical device. The application servers are completely hot swap and failover enabled. If we loose an application server, the rest of the cloud continues powering your web site while we replace the faulty hardware, in the background, completely unnoticed.

Our datacenter is the only public data center in the United States with redundant electrical feeds that are connected to geographically diverse substations. In addition, there is complete physical separation of the fuel generators and UPS systems on opposite sides of the building for the highest level of redundancy. If one of the electrical substations that feeds our facility goes offline due to blackout, our second electrical source is always online and active and will take over the load. Both grids power the entire cloud at all times with complete geo-separation of substations, entrances, UPSs, generators and fuel, as well as first priority "life-critical" designation for priority electrical service restoration due to the Datacenter's large number of healthcare clientele and physical proximity to healthcare services.

"Redundancy" is our motto and our mantra when it comes to the GlowHost Cloud.

What is a Virtual Private Server?
A VPS or Virtual Private Server is a very powerful machine that has has special software loaded onto it that allows it to run as several dedicated servers, all on one common piece of hardware. This allows a provider to install multiple operating systems and control panels onto a single piece of hardware, and have them all running at the same time, independent from any other VPS on the server. Each VPS has its own private CPU, RAM, bandwidth and disk space limits. A VPS is generally not redundant in any way and is a single point of failure in of itself. Virtual Private Servers have problems with scalability which means once you grow too large, you will eventually be kicked off the machine and this means an upgrade to a dedicated server. Cloud VDS from GlowHost are completely elastic and allow you to grow or shrink your resources on demand, and offer limitless growth as new hardware can be easily added to the cloud or to your Virtual Machine to compensate for your growing web site.

What is a Virtual Dedicated Server from GlowHost, and why is it better?
A VDS or Virtual Dedicated Server from GlowHost is a an array of many hardware devices that, with special software, can offer equivalent or higher performance to a standard VPS or even dedicated server. In fact, with our virtualization technology you could combine all resources in the cloud to make one monster server. Imagine a machine with several hundred gigs of RAM, thousands of terabytes of storage, and a hundred or so CPUs, all with multiple cores. This is what virtualization can do. We take this monster machine and split it into smaller pieces called Virtual Machines. What makes a GlowHost VDS so special in comparison to a VPS or VDS from other providers, is that it is fully redundant at every level. Our VDS can sustain multiple hard drive failures, multiple server failures, network failures and something that almost no one else can offer, electrical failures. Our cloud is powered by 2 different electric grids that service the facility, so if one grid goes down due to lightning, or just from Uncle Joe digging holes in the yard where he isn't supposed to be, we have you covered. If both grids are down due to some catastrophic event, we have dual diesel fuel generators on site with enough fuel to power them until the grid comes back online.

Similar to VPS, each Virtual Machine runs completely independent of the other, with the added benefit of its own private VLAN. There is a firewall on the network that prevents packets from being discovered that belong to other virtual machines. To the end user, or server administrator, the VDS appears and acts just like a VPS or dedicated server, but with the HA (High Availability) features that other hosts only dream of being able to offer.

Each Virtual Dedicated Server or Virtual Machine has its own private CPU, RAM, bandwidth and disk space limits.

Do I get Root Access?
Yes, with a VDS from GlowHost, you have your own fully customizable OS. You have full root access so you can completely customize the way your hosting environment runs. We typically install CentOS, but we have many other flavors like Red Hat, Cloud Linux, Ubuntu, or Windows available on request.
Can I resell on my VDS?
Yes, you can resell on your VDS! VDS are great for reselling web hosting and are an excellent choice for those growing resellers who are not quite ready for a dedicated server, but need more flexibility and redundancy than a traditional reseller web hosting package can offer. We recommend cPanel if you plan on reselling as it allows for unlimited domains to be hosted without the additional licensing fees found in other control panels like Plesk.
Can I oversell on my VDS?
Yes, you sure can. It's just like a dedicated server, you can oversell as much as you like. This will allow you to have more competitive prices so that you can directly compete with some of the larger hosts on the market.
I am new to Virtual Private Servers and Virtual Dedicated Servers, will you help me?
Yes, we will help you learn how to use your VDS. We are a fully managed VDS service provider. That includes help learning the system as well as unlimited free support on both the hardware and software that we provide you with.
Do you include proactive support and monitoring for my VDS or does it cost extra?
For a limited time, we include full monitoring AND proactive response along with a free cPanel license. There is no charge for these services if you order before the offer expires, and you will receive the cPanel license and management service free for the life of your account. Everything you need is included in our extremely affordable price. We will monitor your server for troubles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. If we see a problem at 3 AM on New Years Day, we will log into your VDS and attempt to correct the issue. We will do whatever it takes to get service restored on your machines as soon as possible. Think of it as your "rest easy" plan. Sign up with GlowHost now and enjoy the benefits of our enterprise class, high availability cloud hosting solution.
Everything you need to start your hosting business, or to move your existing sites to the next level....All included in our low monthly price.

Not sure what you need? Need something bigger, more private, and more powerful?
We build and fully support many custom configurations so if you have a special request, we can quickly and easily deliver a quote to you.

Need more information or have a custom configuration in mind? Please contact our sales department here.