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FFmpeg web hosting support

Your Company Name offers FFmpeg hosting support for your streaming video applications.

What is FFmpeg?
FFmpeg is a complete solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. If you have seen video on YouTube you have seen FFmpeg in action.

What can I do with FFmpeg?
FFmpeg and the other modules listed below allow you to upload standard video formats like MPEG and convert them on the server side, into other formats like .mp4 or .webm. You can then add your site's logo to the video, resize the video, and embed these files in your web pages and your visitors will enjoy streaming video content!

What hosting plan do I need to order?
Every hosting package (excluding Unlimited shared packages) that GlowHost offers supports FFmpeg streaming. If you have or are planning on having a large site, we suggest a semi-dedicated server, VPS, or Dedicated server.

What scripts can I use that will work with FFmpeg?
Any script you like! Several of the most popular are listed below. If you would like to know if your Youtube clone script will work on our servers, just ask us.

Popular Scripts: PHPmotion - vShare - VidiScript - ClipShare - Rayzz - You Tube Clone

Pre-installed Modules Included:

Need a script installed? No problem! We will install any script seen above for FREE with your purchase of $25 or more from Your Company Name.
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