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Feel secure and look professional when using our email services. All email coming through a GlowHost server is filtered through our primary intensive Anti-virus technology that is updated every night. This service is free of charge. It sorts and deletes malicious known viruses and automatically denies delivery to your inbox. With GlowHost email services you get email accounts This is the most professional way to use email for your website because you are replying to your customers in email addresses that originate from your own brand name. This increases customer confidence and shows your customers that you are a professional organization with a professional web site.

Our mail service subscribes to spamcop and several other reputable Spam block lists. These block lists are updated several times per day and contain lists of "known spammers" and ensures that delivery from these unwanted senders will never make it into your inbox. We also update our email anti-virus every day to ensure known malicious content never makes it into your email inbox. Combine the above with "Spam Assassin" (optional and included on every site) and you are now in full control of your email inbox. Spam Assassin allows you take your filtering to a higher level. It is possible for Spam to escape our preliminary line of defenses. With Spam Assassin you can add a secondary level of spam prevention, and configure additional settings like:

  1. Partially rewrite the subject line to contain the words of your choice, when an email is identified as spam. For example:
    Before Spam Assassin: "Buy Our Shoes"
    After Spam Assassin: "**SPAM DETECTED** Buy Our Shoes"
  2. Deliver emails flagged as Spam to a separate spam box for later hand filtering. This allows you to go through your Spam inbox from time to time to check for legitimate email that may have been flagged as spam.
  3. Auto-delete mail flagged as spam. This is the most popular method and allows you to delete spam as it arrives, without ever seeing it, and without wasting disk space by collecting junk emails in a secondary spam folder.
  4. Set the spam threshold. This allows you to set how strict or relaxed the Spam Assassin system proactively filters your email.
  5. Whitelist your trusted senders. Add trusted friends and domains to your whitelist to bypass the Spam Assassin filtration system. This eliminates "false-positives" and ensures delivery of email from your trusted senders list.


Horde and Squirrelmail is included for all accounts. Webmail is perfect for those on the move. If you are away from your home computer or laptop, and need access to your email outside of your favorite email program, like MS Outlook Express, or simply prefer to read email in an ad-free web based environment, then Webmail is perfect for you. A Web-based email interface lets you login, read, reply, forward, include attachments and more all from a convenient web-based interface. Choose any webmail client you prefer, anytime! Horde is great for Desktop computers and Squirrelmail is best suited for slower connections or those that use a PDA or Smart phone and have a limited screen area. You can import your calendar and address books into these powerful, fully customizable, web based email applications.

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