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Green Web Hosting and Datacenter

Environmentally Friendly Hosting

In the traditional sense of the word, who would want a "green" web host? Green generally implies someone or something new to a particular situation. In this regard, GlowHost can't possibly be a "green" web host because first and foremost, we have been around for over a decade. Secondly, GlowHost is one of the first and longest lasting web hosts on the Internet.

However, we are changing the definition of what a "Green Web Host" is, and GlowHost is now officially proud to be called a Green Web Host!


How do we reduce our carbon footprint and deliver Green Web Hosting?

  • Non-critical GlowHost workstations power off or go into hibernation modes when not in use.
  • GlowHost solely provides paperless billing, saving thousands of pounds of fuel and paper products from polluting the environment.
  • GlowHost's staff are trained to suggest electronic forms of communication like email or PDF as an alternative to paper communications like fax or postal mail when dealing with our vendors, partners and customers.

Thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are spared every year through our Paperless Billing Program. We save trees because we do not use the paper, stamps, and envelopes associated with traditional paper billing. We also eliminate our reliance on the wasteful manufacturing processes that go along with these products. We further reduce fossil fuel emissions because our bills are delivered electronically, negating the need for delivery vehicles and the fuels that they consume. Our recycling stations reduce post-consumer waste, further reducing the carbon footprint that GlowHost contributes to the environment. Is your current or prospective host a green web host?

How our datacenter facilities tackle Green Web Hosting:

  • Advanced heat pumping system recycles warm air from the datacenter and is used to heat employee occupied space during the winter months.
  • Well Water - Well water is used for cooling towers which reduces electricity used to pump water to the facility and eliminates chemicals normally used to treat city water supplies.
  • Newer Servers - Newer computers are not just faster, they use less energy than their older counterparts. We recycle older, less efficient servers whenever possible.
  • Recycling Stations - All materials that are able to be recycled are. This includes packaging material for new computer systems as well as old computer hardware components.

How you can help our Green Web Hosting Initiative?

Join GlowHost Web Hosting and show your support for our Green Web Hosting Initiative and green hosting. By being a client of GlowHost you will be directly contributing to our commitment to the environment. A portion of your hosting service payment will automatically support all current and future Green Projects presented by

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