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Semi-Dedicated Server vs. Cloud Server Comparison

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Semi-Dedicated Hosting



Cloud Server - VDS


  Fully Managed  
  Affordable Upgrade From Shared Hosting  
Jail Shell SSH Access Root
  Supports Multiple Domains  
Simple, powerful upgrade from shared hosting, before Cloud or Dedicated. Key Benefits High Availability, cloud-based, customizable OS and control panels.

Semi-Dedicated Servers from can be considered as a good transition before having your own dedicated server. These servers are made for web site operators that prefer to have the fewest sites per server competing for the same resources. Semi-dedicated servers are also great for web site owners who want to minimize their risk of email black listings, or other server performance issues that can be caused by "bad neighbors" which is a common problem found in lower cost shared hosting.

Each Semi-Dedicated Server "Slice" is a 1/30th share of a fully managed dedicated server. This means that there will never be more than 30 Slices on a server. Assuming each domain has only a single slice assigned to it, there would be 30 accounts on the server. It is possible to have less depending on how many Slices have been purchased by a single customer. For example, if every account on the server has two Slices assigned to it, there would only be 15 sites hosted on that machine.

We guarantee a MAXIMUM of 30 sites or less on every Semi-Dedicated Server and each slice comes with shell access (SSH).

Without limiting these accounts to 1 domain per slice, there is no way to truly regulate the number of sites on a server. We believe that if you are paying a premium for a Semi-Dedicated server- you should be ensured that your Semi-Dedicated Server is truly "Semi-Dedicated" and is being properly limited so that you have access to the resources you need.

Lets face it- VPS is Dead! GlowHost's Cloud VDS is the future of web hosting virtualization. Our Virtual Dedicated Servers include fail-over support powered by an army of next-generation servers hosted in the GlowHost Cloud.

A Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS from GlowHost is an array of many hardware devices that, with special software, offer higher performance than a VPS or even a dedicated server. In fact, with our virtualization technology you could combine all resources in the cloud to make one monster server. Imagine a machine with several hundred gigs of RAM, thousands of terabytes of storage, and hundreds of CPUs, all with multiple cores. This is what virtualization can do, and this is the GlowHost Cloud. We take this monster machine and split it into smaller pieces called Virtual Machines.

What makes a GlowHost VDS so special in comparison to a VPS or dedicated server? It is fully redundant at every level. Our VDS can sustain multiple hard drive failures, multiple server failures, network failures and something that almost no one else can offer, electrical failures. Our cloud is powered by 2 different electric substations that service the facility, so if one substation goes down due to lightning, or just from Uncle Joe digging holes in the yard where he isn't supposed to, we have you covered. If both grids are down due to some catastrophic event, we have dual diesel fuel generators on site with enough fuel to power them until electrical service is restored.

Need something bigger?

Take a look at our Dedicated servers and Cloud servers for enterprise.
Both solutions offer more disk space, more data transfer, and offer more powerful processors than our virtually dedicated options.

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