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Block Bad Bots, Anti-DDoS and Speed Up Your Site with Incapsula CDN

Incapsula: Enterprise-Grade Security and CDN Acceleration

For any web site, performance is everything. With so many competing businesses in the online marketplace, long loading times give your visitors more time to click away to a competitor’s web site. How can you unlock the full potential of your web hosting service to deliver content at lightning-fast speeds?

GlowHost has partnered with Incapsula to provide free website protection and acceleration services, which are now included in every GlowHost hosting plan. To activate Incapsula, simply click on the Incapsula icon inside your GlowHost Control Panel, sign up and follow the provided instructions. The whole process will take just a few minutes and it will cause no downtime or any other sort of interference to you site and its visitors.

Why Incapsula?

Incapsula’s Security services include:

  • Bad bots protection: Incapsula will block all malicious bots from reaching your site (spammers, scrapers, vulnerability scanners)
  • Web Application Firewall: Incapsula PCI DDS compliant Firewall will protect you from numerous web-attacks, including OWASP Top 10 threats like: SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Illegal resource access, Remote file Inclusions and more.
  • DDoS Protection: Incapsula will provide instant, extremely accurate and easily scalable protection against all types of Network and Application DDoS attacks.

You can learn more about Incapsula Anti-DDoS solutions by visiting Incapsula DDoS Protection Center

Incapsula’s Acceleration services include:

  • Global CD: Incapsula Global network will provide acceleration by proxy, minimizing the “physical” distance between your content and your visitor. Incapsula will also leverage its Global network to improve website performance by caching and optimizing its content and delivering it directly from the internet’s backbone.
  • Dynamic content caching: Incapsula patent-pending learning algorithms can identify cachable dynamically generated objects and optimize HTTP headers to cache these, regularly “un-cachable”, pieces of content.
  • Resource optimization: Incapsula will automatically Gzip and minify your websites’ resources.

Incapsula’s Analytics include:

  • Traffic Stats: Incapsula will monitor all traffic and provide accurate information about your bot and human visitors.
  • Threats reports: Incapsula will provide detailed session reports for each security event.
  • Performance stats: Incapsula will provide information about your cached bandwidth, cached requests and requests by data center.

You can learn more about what free services Incapsula offers and which services are paid upgrades on our blog.

How does Incapsula work?

Once you activate Incapsula, all of your website’s traffic will routed through Incapsula’s global network of servers.

Incapsula will intelligently profile your incoming traffic in real-time, blocking all known and emerging threats to your site. By leveraging its Cloud infrastructure Incapsula will automatically update itself to protect you even from the latest threats, aggregating every bit of new security information to benefit all of the Incapsula users.

At the same time Incapsula will also accelerate your outgoing traffic, leveraging its Global CDN and Caching technology to provide faster load times, keeping welcome visitors speeding through.


GlowHost is an Incapsula Certified Partner

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